How To: Complete the Water Safety Audit

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All clubs must submit both their Water Safety Audit, and their British Rowing affiliation fee, before the end of each calendar year. Failure to do so will result in suspension from British Rowing; and by virute of 1.5.4, suspension from OURCs.

Audits must be completed online at

Common Resources

Row Safe - most questions above query the club's attitude to many of the documents made available through RowSafe, at .

Addresses and location- All Oxford clubs are in Thames Upper (1) Region. For clubs along the towpath, your address is likely to be:   <Name of building>, The Towing Path, Oxford, OX1 4UW. For clubs on boat house island, consult your senior member.

"Plated" boats - boats built since 2003 should have a plate around the cox's seat or the bow-seat bulkhead which state the maximum weight of crew that is able to row in the boat when it is swamped. If you do not know the age of your boat, consult your boatman.

Audit Review

Under our current arrangement with British Rowing, all WSAs by college clubs are reviewed by the Rowing Sabbatical Officer. Any questions about the Audit can generally be directed to them, and they will be in touch if there is a problem with your Audit.

The purpose of the safety audit is twofold: Partially as a data gathering exercise for BR, and partially to get club committees to think clearly about Water Safety. There is nothing to stop you from just ticking the boxes and forgetting about this, but it is far better for you to think "Why not?" every time you answer a question in the negative, and consider whether there are practices that need changing or equipment that needs updating.