Autumn Fours 2018


Autumn Fours 2018

Autumn Fours will run as normal as a side-by-side regatta. The course will be the same as for Christ Church, running from Longbridges to the Bumps Stone. The competition is open to crews and coxes of all levels, although novices should be warned that they will be expected to compete alongside senior crews, and so should only be entered if extremely competent. Every effort will be made, time permitting, to run repecharge races so that all crews are hopefully guaranteed at least two races. A full list of rules can be found under A2.4.
As per A2.3, no one may be a member of two crews in the same competition, and each college is only permitted one seat filled with an associate on each gender side. This is in addition to the general entry requirements laid out in A1.6. Substitutions extraneous to these rules can only be granted by the discretion of the Event Committee (A2.4).
Events offered are:
Entries are £15 for fours, £5 for pairs and doubles, and £3 for single sculls.
Payment through direct bank transfer; please email the treasurer at

Entries close at 1200 on 23/10/18. The final scratching deadline is 2359 on 24/10/18. Any crews who wish to withdraw before the scratch deadline should use the entries system and will not be charged the entry fee. Crews who wish to withdraw after the scratch deadline should do so by emailing, but should note that the entry fee will still be charged.

Event Details

Date: 28/10/18
Race Secretary: Kate Halcrow

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