Autumn Fours 2009

Autumn Fours 2009

This year Autumn Fours will run once again as a side-by-side regatta. The course will be the same as for Christ Church, running from Longbridges to the Bumps Stone. Only "non-novice" crews will be allowed to enter.

Events offered are:

Men's coxed fours
Women's coxed fours
Men's coxless pairs
Women's coxless pairs
(NB for the 2- events, mixed college crews are permitted)

Men's and women's singles will be offered if there are four or more entries.

Doubling up is permitted, so why not enter your 4+s in smaller boats as well?

There will be a repechage to guarantee each crew two races.

Entries are £2 per seat including the cox.  Send cheques made payable to 'OURCs' to David Pallot at Christ Church.

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