Autumn Fours 2011

Autumn Fours 2011

This year Autumn Fours will run once again as a side-by-side regatta. The course will be the same as for Christ Church, running from Longbridges to the Bumps Stone. Only "non-novice" crews will be allowed to enter.
Events offered are:
(NB for the 2- events, mixed college crews are permitted) 
Men's and women's singles will be offered if there are four or more entries. 
Doubling up is permitted, so why not enter your 4+s in smaller boats as well? 
There will be a repechage to guarantee each crew two races. 
Entries are £13 for fours, and £5 for pairs.
Payment preferred through Groupay; please email the treasurer at if paying differently and pidge cheques to Jonathan Ross at Pembroke College.

Entries close at 8pm on Monday 17th October (2nd week). The final scratching deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday 18th October - any crews who wish to withdraw before the deadline should use the entries system to avoid being billed the entry fee; crews who scratch after the deadline may do so by emailing the race secretary; however, their entry will still be charged for.

Event Details

Date: Sunday 23rd October
Race Secretary: Phil McCullough

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