Old Chapter 6: OURCs Regulations For Other Regattas on the Isis

Last Updated 24th Mar 2008

O1. Event Planning

Permission must be sought for the event to happen from the Proctors at least four weeks before the events. Organisers must arrange to meet or liaise with the Environment agency regarding their event plan at least six weeks before the event. This will require the sending of an event plan and suitable risk assessment to both bodies. The Proctors will also require proof that the event is insured. Advice on event plans, risk assessment and insurance is available via the ASO (Sport) or Rowing Sabbatical.

If access to the boathouses through Christ Church meadow is required, permission should be sought from The Treasurer at Christ Church at least six weeks before the event.

Other local river users must also be notified of the event (a list of whom is available from the Rowing Sabbatical).

O2. Permission for River Closure

  1. The Organisers must ask permission for a river closure from a Captains’ Meeting. During a river closure, no crew is allowed on the river except those permitted by competition rules. 
  2. For regattas on a Saturday, the OURCs river closure for college and University crews must start from an hour before sunrise out of courtesy to other rivers users, to allow them the use of the river prior to the regatta start time.

O3. Cancellation

If the event does not live up to the safety plan, then the OURCs Secretary and Rowing Sabbatical have the right to cancel the event in the interests of safety.

O4. Organisers' Obligations

  1. Organisers are required to publish a full set of rules and the safety plan for their event online before the closing date for entries. They may include some or all of the OURCs Rules of Racing or Rules for Bumping Races, but must clearly identify which sections are to apply.
  2. Organisers are not permitted to start their regatta earlier than the original published start time, out of courtesy to other river users.