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Oxford Links

The Rowing Tank

Safety Pages - Pembroke's excellent collection

An excellent example of forms, information and education, including pages on hypothermia, safety equipment, environment checks and cold water immersion.

Peak Sporting - for physio and osteopathy 

Oxford Sports Department


General Rowing

The Amateur Rowing Association

The governing body of rowing within England.

The Rowing Service

A great resource for general rowing information. (New Information Page) (Noticeboard)

Boat Manufacturers

  • Alden Rowing Shells (USA) and their British agent, Oarsport
  • Ausrowtec (Australia)
  • Baumgarten Bootsbau (Germany)
  • BBG (Germany)
  • Burgashell (UK)
  • Cambridge Racing Shells (UK)
  • Carl Douglas (UK)
  • Dirigo (USA)
  • Empacher (Germany) and their British agent, Empacher UK
  • Filippi (Italy) and their British agent, WW Marine
  • Fluidesign (Canada)
  • Hudson (Canada)
  • Janousek (UK)
  • Jennings (USA)
  • Johnston Racing (Australia)
  • Kaschper (Canada)
  • KIRS (New Zealand)
  • Levator (Canada)
  • MAAS (USA)
  • Mission Rowing (Canada)
  • Peinert (USA)
  • Pocock (USA)
  • Prime Boats (Australia)
  • Race 1 (Australia)
  • Rand Racing (UK)
  • Resolute (USA)
  • Shanghai Pei Sheng Boat Corporation (China)
  • Sims (UK)
  • Slade Rowing (South Africa)
  • Stampfli (UK)
  • Stelph (UK)
  • Swift Racing Boats (previously Ro'win'g) (China) and their British agent, Rowing Centre UK
  • Sykes Racing (Australia)
  • Ted Hale (Australia)
  • Van Dusen (USA)
  • Vespoli (USA) and their British agent, Vespoli UK
  • Virus (France) and their British agents, Ahoy-Boats
  • Win Tech Racing (USA/China) and their British agent, Oarsport
  • Blade Manufacturers

  • Concept II and their British agent, Oarsport
  • Croker
  • Custom Carbon
  • Drakkar
  • Dreher and their British agent, Rowperfect
  • Empacher
  • Sutton
  • Anu Dudhia's Pages

    Anu is maintaining a number of pages related to the statistics of Oxford Rowing.

    River levels on the Isis stretch
    Bumps charts from 1980-present