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Oxford Links

The Rowing Tank

Safety Pages - Pembroke's excellent collection

An excellent example of forms, information and education, including pages on hypothermia, safety equipment, environment checks and cold water immersion.

Peak Sporting - for physio and osteopathy 

Oxford Sports Department


General Rowing

Governing Bodies

The world rowing governing body, FISA.

The governing body of rowing within England, the Amateur Rowing Association.

The regional governing body, the Thames Regional Rowing Council.

The Rowing Service

A great resource for general rowing information. (New Information Page) (Noticeboard)

Boat Manufacturers

  • Alden Rowing Shells (USA) and their British agent, Oarsport
  • Ausrowtec (Australia)
  • Baumgarten Bootsbau (Germany)
  • BBG (Germany)
  • Burgashell (UK)
  • Cambridge Racing Shells (UK)
  • Carl Douglas (UK)
  • Dirigo (USA)
  • Empacher (Germany) and their British agent, Empacher UK
  • Filippi (Italy) and their British agent, WW Marine
  • Fluidesign (Canada)
  • Hudson (Canada)
  • Janousek (UK)
  • Jennings (USA)
  • Johnston Racing (Australia)
  • Kaschper (Canada)
  • KIRS (New Zealand)
  • Levator (Canada)
  • MAAS (USA)
  • Mission Rowing (Canada)
  • Peinert (USA)
  • Pocock (USA)
  • Prime Boats (Australia)
  • Race 1 (Australia)
  • Rand Racing (UK)
  • Resolute (USA)
  • Shanghai Pei Sheng Boat Corporation (China)
  • Sims (UK)
  • Slade Rowing (South Africa)
  • Stampfli (UK)
  • Stelph (UK)
  • Swift Racing Boats (previously Ro'win'g) (China) and their British agent, Rowing Centre UK
  • Sykes Racing (Australia)
  • Ted Hale (Australia)
  • Van Dusen (USA)
  • Vespoli (USA) and their British agent, Vespoli UK
  • Virus (France) and their British agents, Ahoy-Boats
  • Win Tech Racing (USA/China) and their British agent, Oarsport

    Blade Manufacturers

  • Concept II and their British agent, Oarsport
  • Croker
  • Custom Carbon
  • Drakkar
  • Dreher and their British agent, Rowperfect
  • Empacher
  • Sutton

    Anu Dudhia's Pages

    Anu is maintaining a number of pages related to the statistics of Oxford Rowing.

    River levels on the Isis stretch
    Bumps charts from 1980-present