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Isis Winter League 2009-10

Isis Winter League is a series of Head Races throughout the year. Unlike our other events, local clubs may also participate. The course runs from Donnington Bridge through to the bumps stone at the Head of the River.

Winter League


Points are allocated to college clubs according to finish positions, as shown below (as of 06/02/10).

Position Men Points Women Points College Points
1st Lincoln  10  Trinity 10   Trinity 15 
2nd  Wadham St. Peter's  St. Peter's 12 
3rd  Oriel St. Catherine's  Oriel 11 
4th  Trinity Oriel  Lincoln 10 
5th  St. Peter's 4 St. John's  St. Catherine's
6th  Jesus St. Hilda's  Wadham
7th  St. Catherine's St. Hugh's  St. John's
8th  Exeter University St. Hilda's 
9th          Jesus
10th          St. Hugh's


  • Entries are online here. If you require a password please contact the webmaster.
  • Entries close at midday one week before the event.

Event Plan