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C1. Aims of OURCs

The aims of the Oxford University Rowing Clubs (OURCs) are to:

  1. Support rowing within the University;
  2. Organise inter-college rowing competitions;
  3. Ensure the colleges maintain a safe approach to rowing;
  4. Oversee the conduct of college crews; and,
  5. Represent the interests of the College and University Boat Clubs.

C2. Council of Oxford University Rowing

The Council of Oxford University Rowing (COUR) is the University sanctioned executive authority for the overseeing of all safety matters concerning rowing within the University. All safety issues on which COUR makes a ruling shall be binding on members of OURCs.

C3. Membership of OURCs

  1. Members of OURCs are defined as being:
    1. Members of University Boat Clubs, as defined by their respective Constitutions; or
    2. Members of College Boat Clubs as defined in C6.
    3. The OURCs Sabbatical Officer.
  2. The number of honorary members of OURCs who are not members of colleges as defined in C6.1.a should not exceed 20% of the total membership of OURCs.

C4. University Boat Clubs

Within these rules, "University Boat Clubs" shall refer to the following clubs:

  1. Oxford University Boat Club (OUBC)
  2. Oxford University Women's Boat Club (OUWBC)
  3. Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club (OULRC)
  4. Oxford University Women's Lightweight Rowing Club (OUWLRC)

C5. College Boat Clubs

  1. Within these rules, "College Boat Clubs" shall refer to College and other Boat Clubs affiliated to OURCs, as distinct from the University Boat Clubs.
  2. All College Boat Clubs are required to notify the OURCs Internet Secretary of the names of their Men's and Women's Captains (or Captain and Vice-Captain in the case of single-sex colleges) and a Senior Member, such a list to be maintained on the OURCs website.
  3. College Boat Club Captains are responsible for ensuring that their members abide by the OURCs rules.
  4. Boat Clubs may apply for affiliation to OURCs at a Captains' Meeting upon the presentation of a request signed by a 10 members of the Club, one of which shall be the designated Captain, and another the designated Senior Member.
  5. The Senior Member must be a member of the College, or be otherwise clearly associated with the Boat Club, with the status of Congregation within the University.
  6. Any motion to disaffiliate a College Boat Club is treated as a constitutional amendment (C12).
  7. College Boat Clubs automatically cease to be affiliated on the 1st October if, in the previous year, they have not entered for any OURCs events, paid British Rowing affiliation fees or submitted a British Rowing Safety Audit.
  8. All College Boat Clubs are required to maintain their own Constitution, risk assessment and safety plan. Examples of such documents are to be maintained as an appendix to these Rules. Clubs training on stretches of water other than the Isis and Godstow stretches (as defined in Chapter 2) must send a copy of their risk assessment for that stretch annually to the OURCs Sabbatical Officer for reference. The OURCs Sabbatical Officer may offer advice but will not check or approve the assessment.
  9. All College Boat Clubs are required to be affiliated to British Rowing. Should a club become suspended by British Rowing they are automatically suspended by OURCs until reinstated by British Rowing.
  10. All College Boat Clubs are required to pay an affiliation fee to OURCs, before the Sunday of 5th week of Michaelmas term, which will be used solely to fund the OURCs Sabbatical Officer. College Boat Club affiliations will be based on the number of boats competing in the Eights competition preceding the year of affiliation (excluding boats that fail to row on). The fee per crew must be announced by the OURCs Treasurer by the end of the preceding Trinity Term and confirmed in the first Captains' Meeting in Michaelmas Term. Any affiliation fee unpaid by Sunday of 5th Week may be subject to additional levies at the discretion of the OURCs Treasurer and Secretary and College Boat Clubs with any unpaid fees beyond this date may not enter or compete in OURCs events.

C6. Membership of College Boat Clubs

1.      Membership of College Boat Clubs is restricted to:

    1. bona fide students (in accordance with University Statute II) of the respective college, until such time as:
      1. they leave or suspend their course of study; or
      2. a pass list or class list marking the end of the course is published; or
      3. leave to supplicate for the degree is granted.

Should a students course involve both 2 and 3, with a delay inbetween these, then the latter marks the end their eligibility as a bona fide student.

    1. Senior 'full' fellows or junior research fellows of the respective college, only for the time during which this status is enjoyed at the college. [Emeritus, honorary and visiting fellows are excluded.] Fellows may be required to produce a copy of their contract as proof of status.
    2. Visiting Students at Oxford University holding a reader’s card are eligible for membership of a College Boat Club upon presentation to the OURCs Sabbatical Officer of a letter from and signed by the respective college's Bursar or Senior Tutor stating their affiliation to that particular college and the duration of that affiliation. The OURCs Sabbatical Officer will keep a record of this letter and these details for the duration 

2.      Transfers

a.       Where a bona fide student (as defined by C6.1.a) of college A had been a member of College Boat Club B and wishes to have membership of College Boat Club B, the student may be transferred by the following procedure:

·         The student must provide to the OURCs Sabbatical Officer:

1.      Their name;

2.      Details of the type of University card they hold, and the number;

3.      Written permission of the captains of both College Boat Club A and B. In the event of college A not having an affiliated Boat Club, permission is only required from the captains of College Boat Club B;

4.      Proof of academic status, including the finishing date for their course of study. An enrolment certificate signed by the Senior Tutor, or equivalent, will be acceptable.

·         The OURCs Sabbatical Officer will keep record of these details for the duration of the transfer. Any change in University card number during the duration of their transfer must be sent to the OURCs Sabattical Officer together with a reason for the change in number. If the change is due to a change in role, position or course then the application process must begin again as per 2.a

·         At the next Captain’s Meeting, the OURCs Sabbatical Officer will include a list of transfers requested under C6.2.a on the agenda that have been received before the publishing of that agenda.

·         At the next Captain’s Meeting, the captains will be given the opportunity to register their objection to the transfer. Objections may only be based upon one of the following:

1.      The student is not a bona fide student of college A; or

2.      The student has not been a member of College Boat Club B.

·         In the event of an objection, the OURCs Sabbatical Officer will resolve whether or not the transfer can be brought under C6.2.a. This must be resolved before the end of the meeting in which the motion was raised.

·         Transfers have effect from the end of the Captain’s Meeting at which they are announced by the OURCs Sabbatical Officer. The student will no longer be eligible to row with college A in OURCs events.

b.      The current OURCs Sabbatical Officer, if previously a member of a College Boat Club, can be made an automatic member of their most recent College Boat Club without the approval of a Captain’s Meeting. Once automatically a member of their most recent College Boat Club, the OURCs Sabbatical Officer may follow C6.2.a to be transferred to another previous club.


3.      Formal extended memberships of College Boat Clubs are as follows:

a.       Wolfson College Boat Club includes members of St. Cross College.

b.      St. Benet's Hall Boat Club includes members of Blackfriars.

c.       Linacre College Boat Club includes members of Nuffield College.

d.      Queen's College Boat Club includes members of Wycliffe Hall.

e.       Clinical Medical students may choose between membership of their College Boat Club and Osler House Boat Club, but may only row for one club in OURCs events in any given academic year, except by being granted honorary membership under C6.4. 

f.       Wadham College Boat Club includes members of Harris Manchester College.

g.      Christ Church Boat Club includes members of Kellogg College.

4.      At a Captain’s Meeting, the captains may choose to grant a person the status of Staff or Student Honorary Member of a College Boat Club for a period of no more than three consecutive terms, subject to the following rules:

a)      An Honorary Membership may only be proposed as follows:

·         All Honorary Memberships must be brought in accordance with the procedural rules associated with a constitutional alteration under C12, but an Honorary Membership is not a constitutional alteration.

·         The proposal must include:

                               i.      Name of the person in question;

                               ii.      Details of the type of University card they hold, and the number (if relevant):

                               iii.      Their status within the University and the date of the termination of this status;

 iv.      Proof of this status. For Staff this requires a copy of their contract counter-signed by the relevant college authority, for Students this requires an enrolment certificate signed by the Senior Tutor or Bursar or an equivalent. For the purposes of the motion this must be received and verified by the OURCs Sabbatical Officer prior to the publishing of the agenda;

  v.      The date that they wish the Honorary Membership to expire, which shall be no further in the future than 3 consecutive terms (including the term in which the motion is proposed).

 b)      Honorary Staff Memberships may be awarded to those staff with contracts for fulltime employment (an average of 25 hours a week or more) with a particular college for a period of no less than twelve months.

c)      Honorary Student Memberships may be awarded to the following students if they are no longer eligible under C6.1a:

·         Students working for their medical electives; or

·         Students working on their undergraduate years abroad; or

·         Students working on recognised industrial or business placements as part of their course during their degree.

d)     The OURCs Sabbatical Officer shall keep a record of all Honorary Memberships, their status as Student or Staff and the period of validity. A copy of this record must be maintained as an Appendix to the OURCs Rules and Constitution.

e)      An Honorary Student Membership makes the Honorary Student Member eligible to row as a full member of their College Boat Club.

f)       If an Honorary Staff Member wishes to row in their College Boat Club’s men’s or women’s first VIII, they must first seek permission of the captains by proposing a motion at a Captain’s Meeting. Should the motion pass, a note will be made on the relevant record and in the relevant Appendix.


5.      Honorary memberships shall expire at the end of the agreed period, or when circumstances upon which the membership was proposed to the Captains expire, whichever is sooner. Any change in circumstances of the honorary member pertaining to the conditions above must be communicated immediately to the OURCs Sabbatical Officer and the person involved must apply for a new honorary membership under C6 if they intend to continue rowing in OURCs events.


6.      All transfers and memberships are conditional on the validity of the facts presented.