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Coxing Competencies

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This page attempts to summarise the basic competencies that you, as a cox, should be able to demonstrate, as you progress from a complete novice cox to one who wishes to be upgraded to experienced (X) status. The competencies below try to be as prescriptive as possible, but no amount of reading is a valid substitute for getting out there and learning by being in a boat.

This document is currently in its first draft - anyone who feels that this misses out a salient skill is encouraged to email and help make this resource better.

The material below is split up in to six areas; each area is divided into two sub-sections - "Minimum standards" and "Going beyond". It is expected that a cox that has just been promoted to X status is fully able to demonstrate all "Minimum standard" competencies, and is aiming at fulfilling a few of the "Going further" competencies. Accompanying each section is a "more information" spoiler box, which aims to expand on a point if required, in order that the main list is kept as concise as possible.

 1. Boat transportation

Minimum standards


Getting Better

More information:
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