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Safety Index

Because of the unique nature of Oxford collegiate rowing - namely that a large number of inexperienced people take to a very cramped river - it is paramount that we operate in as safe an environemt as reasonable. This page outlines steps that clubs, captains, coaches and individuals should be taking; these will either mirror RowSafe, or exceed them, due to our circumstances.

Swim tests

As of Trinity Term 2011, new swim-test guidelines are in operation. These will, in due course, be published as Appendix H to the constitution.

Please see this page for more details.

Risk assessments

Crews must undertake an annual Water Safety Audit, to be completed before the end of each calendar year. More details can be found on this page.

Before boating for each outing, crews should undertake a risk assessment of the conditions. Crews should consult Row Safe 1.2 for a full explanation. However, this document should be second nature to anyone in charge of an outing.

Weather and river

First aid

Incident reporting