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How To: Deal with an Incident

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The Isis is a busy place - minor scrapes and bumps often occur. However, sometimes more serious collisions happen. As a matter of consideration and responsibility for your crew, your friends, or strangers in other boats, you should know what to do in case the worst does happen.

Key Points

  • Momentum hurts. If a collision is likely, reduce your speed.
  • Check your crew are unhurt. If you need to summon help, know how to do this as fast as possible.
  • Know where to land.
  • Afterwards, file an incident report.

Imminent Glancing Blow

In the case that two crews are at risk of clashing blades:

  • Shout "HEAD EIGHT" (short for 'ahead') to attract the other crew's attention.
  • Get one side of your crew to hold it up, such that you swing away from their blades. Get them to lean towards that same side.
  • If this still doesn't avoid a collision, get the not-held-up side to draw their blades in, and keep leaning in order that you don't capsize.
  • If there is blade-on-blade clashing, check that none of your crew are injured, concussed, or have been catapulted out of the boat. If someone has been injured, you need to take action.
  • If a collision did occur, file an incident report.

If Someone is Injured