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How To: Use the Entries System

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Logging On

  • Go to
  • Find your college, enter your password, and log on
  •  If you do not know the password, check with your predecessor at your club and then email if you believe you should have access to your club's page - you may need to prove this.


Adding Athletes

  • Select "Rower List" or "Cox List" along the top of the page.
  • At the bottom of the page, complete the form for the athlete you wish to register.
  • Full members are for fully-fledged members of OURCs. Honorary members are for those people with membership conferred at a captains' meeting. Associate members are for people who are not members of OURCs.
  • The system is well-known to have trouble looking up people with unconventional surnames, such as:
    • Surnames with punctuation: O'Connor, Smith-Brown
    • People with extra surnames: van der X, del X
    • People from countries where surname comes first: Jen X as opposed to X Jen
    In this situation, first try adding them exactly as their email address (the one). For example Albert-Brian Connor may have albert.brian-connor as his email for reasons best known to OUCS. Add him as Albert-Brian Connor and see if this then works. if this till doesn't work add them as an associate and talk to the webmaster to have them manually approved as "full" members.

Adding Crews

  • To enter a competition, first go to "Competitions" along the top of the page. A list of currently open competitions will appear.
  • Click on the name of the competition you want to enter.
  • Fill in the webform, specifying boat type, crew rank, and adding a crew contact name & phone number. Add any crew notes such as equipment or personnel clashes (where allowed). Note that this information cannot be changed once the crew is entered.
  • The crew will now appear on the list of entered crews near the top of the page. To add crew members, click on the crew name and you'll get a page of drop-down menus.
  • Select the athlete in each seat from the drop-down menus. Note that for bumps racing, you will not be able to enter someone in a seat if they are already rowing in a different crew.

Making Changes

  •  Before entries close, you can edit your crew directly by following the procedure above.
  • After entries close, you must make an online substitution to make changes to your crew. Locate your crew in the list for the relevant competition, then click "Substitutions" on the right-hand side.
  • On this form, you must select the day you are making the substitution for (where applicable), the seat they are subbing into, and the rower you are subbing in. This then appears as a sub on the system.
  • Substitutions for each day close in the early morning (typically 3am-4am) of the relevant day of racing. If you wish to make a sub after this, you must come to Racedesk.