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 Swim Test Booking

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MT11 Swim Tests now complete with 1704 people tested at a failure rate of 10%.

New Tests for MT11

Further tests will take place at Oxford Brookes using the company that we use for our tests. In order to book tests for your rowers you will need to book them by submitting your application to

You must include your full name (as it appears in your ox email address), your boat club and your bodcard number (7 digits). 

Thursday 6th October

Total 26 persons swim tested. 23% failure rate.

Total 33 persons capsize drilled.

Sunday 9th October

Total 386 persons swim tested. 10% failure rate.

Wednesday 12th October

Total 518 persons swim tested. 11% failure rate. 

Sunday 16th October

 Total 774 persons swim tested. 8% failure rate.