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HowTo: Spin at Longbridges

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It is really important to be able to spin as quickly and efficiently as possible at the Head, as this is where significant traffic jams can build up. This guide will give you a few protocols that you can undertake such that you help to minimise the queueing time.

River Layout

HowTo Image 2_3
  • The spinning area starts from the second mooring post on the city side of the river, and continues upstream until where the river bifurcates. There is enough space to spin two boats simultaneously.
  • Downstream of the second mooring point is the queueing area.
Part 2

Queueing etiquette; staggering boats + image

Spinning under low stream

Single boat or dual boat spinning + image

Spinning under high stream

Normal and reverse spins, and how to set up a reverse-spinning line + images. Being aware of drifting and spearing of boats.


Where to and where not to coach