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Breaking the Oxford Bubble

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While most colleges have a boat club which focuses mainly on Torpids and Eights, there is a whole other world outside of the Isis that is worth sampling.

Rowing at External Clubs

 Out of term time, most college clubs go into hibernation. Why not check out your local rowing club? They cater to all abilities, and often offer preferential subscription fees for students. You may even discover that they have a couple of ergo pieces or a weights routine that is far better than what you are currently doing. They race lots throughout the year, and you may find yourself winning silverware with them.

British Rowing has a lot more information here; David Biddulph also tries to maintain a list here.

Joining the Dev Squads

 Over the summer, the University Squads often hold summer camps. Besides often getting the chance to row on a different stretch of the river, these squads provide full-time coaches and nutriutionists. Even if you don't want to trial, it is a very cheap way of getting decent coaching and keeping fit over the long vacation.

You can find out more about the squads on this page.

Going to External Regattas

Provided that you can get your boatman to take your boat to the regatta, and that you are all Gold or Platinum members of British Rowing, you are eligible to take part in one of the many external regattas.

Both British Rowing and Divid Biddulph (2011 / 2012) keep calendars of races throughout the season.