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Henley Boat Races Collegiate Race

Each year at HBR, there is an Oxford vs. Cambridge collegiate race between outstanding crews in that year's Torpids/Lent bumps.


List of entries

It was agreed that Pembroke represent the men.

7 women's crews raced on the morning of 29th February over the 'Rowing On' course. The crews posted the following times:

Pembroke 00:02:54
Lincoln 00:03:00
Wadham 00:03:03
GTC 00:03:06
LMH 00:03:08
Christ Church 00:03:09
Balliol 00:03:18

Pembroke men and women will represent Oxford in this year's HBR Collegiate Race.


Before 2012, the decision of whom would represent Oxford in the races was done on an informal, 'first-refusal' basis to the Head crews,

Men: Caius, Cambridge beat Christ Church, Oxford
Verdict: 3L Time: 4:06

Women: Pembroke, Cambridge beat Magdalen, Oxford
Verdict: 1/3L Time: 4:47.5

Race report:


Men: First and Third, Cambridge beat Balliol, Oxford

Women: Queen's, Cambridge beat Worcester, Oxford

Race report: