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Isis Winter League 2014-15, Sponsored by Neptune Investment Management

Isis Winter League is a series of Head Races throughout the year. Unlike most of our other events, local clubs may also participate. The course runs from Donnington Bridge, through to the Cox Stone opposite Christ Church Meadows.


Documents that you might like to use to brief your novice marshals

  • Marshals will be provided with PDF File this document (916KB) on the day.
  • We will be using PDF File this (320KB) as a basis for our briefing.
  • We know that most marshals will not have done it before, but this does not mean that you as colleges can send your poor novices to marshal without telling them what to expect. We can't teach them everything in 10 minutes, and it is your divisions which will get klaxoned if you don't give them a brief introduction.
  • All coxes racing should print off the latest version of the draw, which can be found below. They should also know:
    • How to get themselves lined up in a timely manner
    • What the various flags mean
    • How to not hold up the division

Other event documents that you should be aware of

List of Events

IWL A: 9th November

Race Secretary: Tom Stewardson

IWL B: 30 November 

Race Secretary: Tom Stewardson
  • Details to follow

IWL C: 25 January

Race Secretary: TBC
  • Details to follow

IWL D: 8 February 

Race Secretary: TBC
  • Details to follow

IWL E: 22 February 

Race Secretary: TBC
  • Details to follow


  • Entries will be entered online through the OURCs entries system. If you require a password please contact the webmaster.
  • Entries close at 8pm the Monday before the event.
  • Last scratch: 23:59pm the Tuesday before the event.
  • Please pay by cheque, payable to OURCs, pidged to Thomas Bladon at St Hugh's. If paying by bank transfer, please notify the treasurer - particularly if paying late. Tom can be contacted at