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Entry Details

Substitutions should be completed online at as much as possible but will close for each day of racing at 4am. Offline subsitutions should be completed on a substitution form.

Event Details

  • Event Plan and appendices to follow once submitted.
  • PDF File Instructions for Competitors (91KB)
  • PDF File Finish Order 2013 (567KB)
  • As agreed at the first Captains' Meeting of TT14, the Finish Order for Torpids 2014 will be taken to be the Finish Order for Torpids 2013. This was a result of the total loss of training time on the Isis between 0th week and 7th week of Hilary term 2014, and the total cancellation of Torpids, due to catastrophic flooding of the Thames. Although various crews withdrew on safety grounds both before and after the scratch deadline, while others did not enter, the Captains agreed with a Committee proposal that the fairest course of action was the simplest one. As a result Torpids 2015 will pick up where Torpids 2013 left off.