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F1. Date

Unless resolved otherwise at a Captains' Meeting, Autumn Fours shall be held on the Thursday of 4th or 5th week of Michaelmas Term, whichever one does not contain the Fours Head.

F2. Categories

Autumn Fours shall comprise the following separate competitions:

  1. The Four Oars Challenge Cup, for men's coxed fours,
  2. The Pazolt Challenge Cup, for men's coxed fours excluding: University oarsmen, oarsmen who have rowed in the Senior Divisions of Eights, Torpids, or the Cambridge bumps, Elite oarsmen and Junior Internationals.
  3. OUWBC Fours, for women's coxed IVs.
  4. A pairs head race, with a men's and a women's competition with mixed college crews allowed.
  5. Competitions for other categories may also be offered, at the discretion of the Race Secretary, subject to a minimum of four entries.

F3. Eligibility

In addition to the general entry requirements specified in rule G4,

  1. No one may row in, or cox, two crews entered for the same competition.
  2. Crews entered for two or more different competitions must race for each competition separately.

F4. Procedure

Autumn Fours shall be raced as follows:

  1. The event shall consist of a timed Head Race, rowed in divisions the size, number and times of which shall be determined by the Race Committee.
  2. The course shall be from Haystacks Corner to a white semaphore placed opposite Christ Church meadow.
  3. Times shall be judged by the bows.
  4. Crews being overtaken are required to give way.
  5. The Race Committee may award time penalties against crews failing to comply with the rules, or time bonuses for crews obstructed through no fault of their own.