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F1. Date
Unless resolved otherwise at a Captains' Meeting, Autumn Fours shall be held on the Saturday a week before the Fours Head.
F2. Categories
Autumn Fours shall comprise the following competitions:
  1. The Four Oars Challenge Cup, for men's coxed fours.
  2. OUWBC Fours, for women's coxed fours.
  3. Competitions for other categories may also be offered, at the discretion of the Race Secretary, subject to a minimum of two entries. This may include men’s and women’s pairs races, with mixed college crews allowed, as well as single sculls races.
F3. Eligibility
In addition to the general entry requirements specified in G4, no-one may be a member of two crews entered for the same competition.
F4. Procedure
Autumn Fours shall be raced as follows:
  1. The event shall consist of a knock-out competition, raced side-by-side from Longbridges to the Bumps Stone. Every effort will be made, depending upon the number of entries and in consultation with the Senior Umpire, to operate a repechage to guarantee all crews at least two races.
  2. The Race Committee will seek to allow for equipment clashes in the draw if notified by the College in question when entries are made. A boat may be shared by a men’s and a women’s crew, but not between two crews of the same sex, or by more than two crews.
  3. The general rules of racing found in Chapter 3 apply.
  4. Crews must remain in their racing lane at all times. Should a crew leave its racing lane, and in so doing in the view of the Race Committee gain an advantage that affected the outcome of the race, then it will be disqualified.
  5. In the event of a race being stopped on safety grounds, due to circumstances which are beyond the control of the racing crews, the Race Committee reserves the right to award the race to either crew if it is felt that they held an insurmountable lead.
  6. The finish shall be judged by the bows.