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Proctor's Rule 6.1.

No student member (other than a student member currently in residence at All Souls College, Kellogg College, Linacre College, Nuffield College, St Antony's College, St Cross College, Templeton College or Wolfson College) shall participate in rowing on the river except in a single scull between the hours of 8:30AM and 1PM from Monday to Friday inclusive during Full Term without prior permission of the Proctors.

NB from the Proctors' section of the University Website ( "Requests for permission need to show that students’ tutors or supervisors are in agreement. The Proctors are prepared to consider applications relating to events such as Christ Church Regatta, Torpids and Eights Week."

Proctor's Rule 6.2.

No student member shall knowingly breach any regulation or instruction made by or on the authority of the Director of Sport or the Area Safety Officer (Sport), by Oxford University Rowing Clubs with the consent of the Proctors, or by a responsible external body such as the National Rivers Authority, relating to safety on the river.

Proctors' Rule 6.3.

The organisers of any rowing competition for any college, society, Permanent Private Hall, or other designated institution (or between a number of such foundations) which is to be held within six miles of Carfax shall submit to the Proctors not less than twenty-one days before the date of the proposed competition an Event Plan and Risk Assessment, and shall observe such conditions relating to the running of the competition as may be specified by the Proctors (who shall take advice from the University Marshal and the Area Saftey Officer (Sport)).