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Hilary Term 2012

5th Week

  • Motions brought as agreed previous meeting
  • Bumps now decided when satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt
  • Appeals now look for evidence to overturn or re-consider original decision, without it appeal will fail.
  • Captains may withdraw appeals until decision
  • Evidence must be presented within 20 minutes of the appeal being announced.
  • Clarified SU appeals as rule-based and not a further argument of fact.
  • Captains now ratify SUs not just to vote, but to be SUs. Race Sec appoints for bumps from this list (with emergency clauses).
  • SU role in bumps brought in line with practice and updated event plan.
  • 2 OM elected.
  • Discussion of mobile web application live bumps for Torpids thanks to Feather & Square LLP.
  • A Minute's Silence before Mens Division 1, Saturday of Torpids agreed in memory of Pete Burden. 


Michaelmas Term 2011

5th Week

  • OURCs to look in to hosting an invitational 'qualification' for the HBR College Race during 7th week
  • Addition of R15 to close sections of the river in an emergency situation
  • Unsuccessful candidates for 'named' posts can apply for Ordinary Member in the same meeting
  • Female members of Blackfriars get to choose between St Benet's and Green-Templeton (this will be brought up for discussion again next meeting)
  • Coxes are now required to possess ID when coxing a crew during regular training. As an OURCs note, we will not stop crews and ask for identification unless a coxswain's behaviour has been reckless and irresponsible.

1st Week

  • New IWL scoring system explained
  • Treasurer, CoC and OM elected
  • Change to a definition of whom can be a Senior Member
  • Re-write of G5 (substitutions rule) to make system more transparent
  • Two extra slots created on Sunday afternoons.

Trinity Term 2011

Hilary Term 2011

Michaelmas Term 2010

Trinity Term 2010

Hilary Term 2010

Michaelmas Term 2009

Trinity Term 2009

8th Week

  • Minor change to definition of a staff member
  • Assorted tweaks and restructuring to rules in the light of RowSab position and creation of 'race secretary'.
  • Inclusion of rules about cyclists during events and Saturday of Eights

4th Week

  • Rules relaxed slightly about transiting the lock
  • Small tweak to wording of rule relating to speed in the Gut.
  • Allow associate members to row in non-bumps OURCs events
  • Change to complaints and appeals procedure in G8
  • Tweaks to rules about penalty bumps and incompetence leading to a klaxon

1st Week

  • Allow two boats out in the mornings during Trinity.

Hilary Term 2009

5th Week

  • Discussion on where to put St Hilda's Men's 1st VIII in Torpids.

1st Week

  • Change to rules of proposing motions at captains' meetings
  • Changes to rules of the river; number of crews, and transiting the locks - in accordance with RowSafe

Michaelmas Term 2008

6th Week

  • Change to Varsity squads' Torpids eligibility
  • Allow blue flag Longbridges spinning for crews about to land.

1st Week

  • Green Templeton College affiliated
  • COUR given the authority to change rules on safety grounds without a prior captains' meeting; changes should be well-publicised.



The change log from 2001 to TT2008 can be found here.