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2.6 - Outing Requirements
Date of Fine 7th Oct 2014 (approx 18:50)Amount£ 0
2.6.9 - Any boat that is on the water during Twilight Hours, as well as in limited visibility (which encompasses fog, even heavy snow and rain), must carry bright white lights attached to the stern and bow, which together are visible through 360 degrees. (See RS, section 1.7.) Your lights were not sufficiently bright and were certainly not visible from 100m. Please replace them with suitable lights.
2.8 - Rules specific to the Isis
Date of Fine 6th Oct 2014 (approx 14:20)Amount£ 0
2.8.6.d - IV obstructed crew by not vacating the spinning promptly due to crew discussion.
A1.4 - Race Committee
Date of Fine 29th May 2014 (approx 18:41)Amount£ 25
A1.4.1.b - Incorrect circulation
A3.10 - Delays
Date of Fine 28th May 2014 (approx 17:44)Amount£ 15
A3.10.2 - Delaying 1 minute gun