Mansfield - Fines

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A1.6 - Entry Requirements
Date of Fine 1st Mar 2017 (approx 13:00)Amount£ 10
Mansfield W2, late to start, delaying the 1min gun.
2.6 - Outing Requirements
Date of Fine 3rd Nov 2016 (approx 07:30)Amount£ 0
Lights present but ineffective, please make sure they are bright enough to be safe in future.
A3.2 - Divisions
Date of Fine 24th Feb 2016 (approx 13:00)Amount£ 5
Late to start. Crews have no right to a warm up.
A1.4 - Race Committee
Date of Fine 29th May 2015 (approx 17:47)Amount£ 20
Spinning below the bungline