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2.8 - Rules specific to the Isis
Date of Fine 21st Oct 2013 (approx 08:00)Amount£ 0
Incorrect Circulation. Spinning too high and out of turn at Longbridges.
2.6 - Outing Requirements
Date of Fine 20th Oct 2013 (approx 18:15)Amount£ 0
Insufficient Lights. Poor lights on crew landing after sunset (approx. 18:25)
A1.4 - Race Committee
Date of Fine 17th May 2013 (approx 16:15)Amount£ 10
Rowing on. Mens 3rd 8+ Delaying the start of division.
A3.9 - Starting Procedure
Date of Fine 1st Mar 2013 (approx 14:30)Amount£ 25
W2 incorrect circulation: spinning before race was over