Worcester - Fines

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A3.10 - Delays
Date of Fine 28th May 2014 (approx 13:46)Amount£ 10
A3.10.2 - Late to start
A1.4 - Race Committee
Date of Fine 28th May 2014 (approx 16:00)Amount£ 35
A1.4.1.b fined under A1.4.1.g (Incorrect Circulation: Spinning in front of EA launch) W2
1.7 - Captains' Meetings
Date of Fine 20th May 2014 (approx 19:15)Amount£ 25
Non-Attendance at a Captain's Meeting
2.8 - Rules specific to the Isis
Date of Fine 23rd Apr 2014 (approx 18:15)Amount£ 0
Spinning too low at Haystacks.