Umpiring Information

Where to be, when and with what:

  1. Please turn up TEN minutes early for your umpiring slot – ie as the start gun is being fired for the race before your time slot.
  2. Turn up to the race desk at Longbridges boathouse and report to the marshal in charge of umpires.
  3. Bring a bike with you - this will be essential. YOU ARE ADVISED TO WEAR A HELMET.
  4. Please wear some obvious college kit eg a splashtop or a big label on your forehead - this will help us identify you when we need to find you.
  5. You will be given an umpiring bib with a number on it. Please make sure to return this at the end of your shift.
  6. Note that there is a fine for colleges that do not provide umpires on time.

What you will be doing as an umpire:

Things you may be asked after the race:

  1. Whether coxes had hold of their bunglines when the start gun was fired.
  2. Whether crews make contact with bunglines left trailing in the water (and which bunglines).
  3. Whether bumps have actually occurred, defined as the moment of contact between boat or blades, when a cox raises their arm in acknowledgement, or when one boat rows clean past another.
  4. The sequence of bumps where three boats are close together (i.e. who bumped whom first).
  5. Whether acknowledgements are given early, clearly and continuously (coxes are expected to raise the arm most visible to the cox behind, i.e. on the side away from the boat gaining the bump, and at least 6 strokes before contact is anticipated).
  6. Whether crews gaining a bump take adequate measures not to further interfere with the boat they've bumped and not to interfere with other crews still racing (e.g. by not clearing the racing line).
  7. Whether coxes make reasonable attempts to steer around obstructions.
  8. Where the bump occurred.

Short version of Torpids Rules:

Please make sure you know the difference between Torpids racing and summer VIIIs: a bumped crew continues to be part of the race in Torpids (in Eights, the bumped crew drops out).