Oxford Rainfall and Torpids 1987-2005

These figures show the last few years in descending order of total Jan+Feb rainfall. The Rain figures are the difference from the long-term mean (=93mm), as recorded by the Radcliffe Meteorological Station here in Oxford.

Year  Rain    Effect on Torpids
---- ------   -----------------
1995 +105mm   2-day Torpids, Women's 1st and Men's 1st and 2nd Divisions.
1990  +77mm   2-day Torpids, Men's 1st and 2nd Divisions only.
1994  +51mm   1-day Torpids, All divisions.
1999  +48mm   4-day Torpids, but Fixed-division crews only until last day.
1988  +41mm   Normal 
2002  +35mm   Cancelled
2001  +33mm   4-day Torpids, Fixed-division crews, Sen crews only on 1st day.
1996  +12mm   Normal
2003   +3mm   3-day Torpids - last day cancelled
2000   +2mm   Cancelled 
2004   -1mm   Normal
1993   -3mm   4-day Torpids, Fixed-division crews only.
1989   -4mm   Normal 
1997   -5mm   Normal 
1991  -11mm   Normal 
1998  -26mm   3-day Torpids - last day cancelled 
1992  -40mm   Normal 
1987  -50mm   Normal
2005  -55mm   Normal