Coach wanted to OARC Women's Sweep Squad

PostCoach wanted to OARC Women's Sweep Squad
Posted At11:21, 10th Oct 2012
315 weeks ago
Oxford Academicals Women’s sweep squad are seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic coach to help develop our squad and build on recent successes. The main duties of the role are to coach 3-5 outings/week, which may increase in the run-up to competitions, and play an active part in establishing a land training programme and providing guidance for any outings that they can't personally attend. In the past year, Oxford Academicals have entered a variety of head races and regattas, enjoying wins at Henley Masters, Vets 4+s Head, City Royal Regatta and Marlowe Regatta and finishing in the top 100 in WeHORR. We are looking to build on these successes and aspire at a higher level, supported by a growing, enthusiastic and dedicated group of athletes, ranging from novice to IM1. If you are interested in finding out more about the role, please contact