Merton Men and Women Seeking New Head Coach

PostMerton Men and Women Seeking New Head Coach
Posted At11:32, 20th Mar 2013
304 weeks ago
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Merton men and women are seeking an experienced, enthusiastic head coach from Trinity Term onwards.

The former years have been extremely strong for MCBC for both our first and second boats, with our men's second and women's second winning blades in Torpids and Summer Eights in 2011 respectively and both our women's boats having steadfastly bumped up every regatta last year. We have a strong, committed squad who are keen to build upon the successes of the past years in Summer Eights and beyond.

The head coach will be responsible for coaching the first women's VIII and/or the first men's VIII and and will be required to devise a term training plan as well as vacation training. During term time, both the men's and the women's first boat are looking to do 4-5 water sessions per week at Godstow, as well as doing several land sessions per week. The details and the nature of the training are left to the coach.

The successful candidate will gain the opportunity to work with a group of hardworking, enthusiastic and extremely sociable people. The position will be rewarding and competitively paid, so if you are interested please contact to arrange an interview and trial outing. We are happy to consider applications from candidates interested in coaching either the men or the women, as well as both.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Pip Schuijt, Charlotte Mason & Anurag Aggarwal

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