Hertford Women's Head & Assistant Coaches

PostHertford Women's Head & Assistant Coaches
AuthorMarie Becker
Posted At14:59, 22nd Jun 2016
121 weeks ago
Hertford Women are looking to replace both their Head and Assistant Coaches.

Head Coach: Hertford W1 have done extremely well over the last two years, currently ranking 8th in Div 1 in both Eights and Torpids, and are eager to continue their march up the river, with a number of this year's blades winning crew returning next year. We are an incredibly enthusiastic and hard working squad, keen to work to continue our success. The role would involve 6 coached sessions per week, of which at least 4 will be water sessions, each being on average an hour long and longer outings at the weekend. Time commitments may vary in line with races and training camps.

If interested, please contact: Rosalind.Martin@hertford.ox.ac.uk

Assistant Coach: After a difficult last year, our W2 are set for a comeback, with a high chance of success, given their current unfortunately low position in Torpids. The role would primarily involve training up new novices in preparation for Christ Church Regatta during the first term, as well as coaching the returning W2. In the subsequent terms the role would be to coach both lower boats (hopefully with a W3 existing) in the run up to Bumps. This would involve around 4 sessions per week, including weekends, however this may be more closer to races. W2 are an incredibly motivated squad, always eager to improve. We are looking for an equally enthusiastic coach, who will motivate any novices and current returners.

If interested, please contact: Amy.Wright@hertford.ox.ac.uk