SHCBC Coach (with the opportunity of becoming Head Coach)

PostSHCBC Coach (with the opportunity of becoming Head Coach)
AuthorAbhinav Naga
Posted At22:35, 2nd Aug 2016
116 weeks ago
St Hilda’s is looking for a new coach for the coming academic year (2016-2017), with the possibility of becoming head coach in the following year (2017-2018). We have a very committed group of rowers and a significant fraction of our seniors will return next term.
The coach will be involved in training both men and women freshers as well as seniors in Michaelmas. In Hilary and Trinity, the main commitment will be to prepare our crews for Torpids and Summer Eights.

The role will involve coaching around 4 sessions a week in Michaelmas. The number of sessions will progressively increase as we get closer to the major bump races . The position will be a ideal for someone who is interested in long term coaching.

If you have any questions or want to know more details, send me a message on Facebook or email me on
If interested, please send me your application on the email address above.