St John's Head Coach Vacancy

PostSt John's Head Coach Vacancy
AuthorMichał Kreft
Posted At08:59, 25th Sep 2016
108 weeks ago
St Johnís College Boat Club (Oxford) is looking to appoint a new Head Coach as soon as possible for the 2016-2017 year. The coach would be responsible for training the menís and womenís first boats, and would get involved occasionally in coaching lower boats, especially during pre-term training camps.

SJCBC is one of the largest college boat clubs in Oxford with over 60 active members and with excellent training facilities. Our womenís 1st boat are in 1st Division in both Torpids and VIIIs, with potential to reach headship in both within 2 years. The menís 1st boat are in the 2nd Division in Torpids and VIIIs, holding 1st in that division in Torpids. We are looking for a talented, dedicated and experienced coach to help us turn the tide on recent results, propelling the momentum forward to reach our objectives for the year, which include qualifying for the Henley Boat Races and regaining Headship for the womenís 1st boat, bumping into division 1 for the menís, and performing well in a number of external regattas, in particular WeHoRR/HoRR and HWR/HRR qualifying. We are able to offer a competitive salary.

During term time the position would involve 4-5 water sessions in Abingdon on weekday mornings and all Saturday and Sunday afternoons (although input into the existing training programme is both welcome and appreciated), and attendance to at least 4 evening land training sessions each week (over 3-4 evenings). The coach will be expected to attend 2 pre-term training camps away from Oxford in January and April, as well as external regattas. He/she will need to be able to drive a launch.

Please send a CV and a cover letter to the Boat Club captain

Please note that we are not able to help in acquiring a Visa that allows to work in UK, but we are willing to hire someone that already has such Visa.