Mansfield Men's Squad Coach

PostMansfield Men's Squad Coach
AuthorAlex Dobson
Posted At15:53, 11th Dec 2016
97 weeks ago
Mansfield College Boat Club are looking for a new men’s coach for their 1st and 2nd VIII from January onwards.

Our 1st VIII is currently 8th in Division 2 for Torpids (after winning blades last year) and 3rd in Division 2 for Summer Eights (bumped up two places). These are the highest positions that we’ve been in our 51-year history. We hope to build on the success of the past few years and make the push towards the top division in both competitions. Our 2nd VIII has been rapidly moving up the lower divisions, including five bumps in Summer Eights which landed us in fixed divisions for the first time ever. We have a strong group of dedicated returners this year who have been training hard, as well as a new group of novices who look promising after an exceptional performance in Christ Church Regatta.

What we are looking for:
• Coaching experience.
• Availability for 4-6 water sessions a week throughout Hilary and Trinity terms. These sessions will mostly be weekday mornings, with sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well. Ability to attend tank sessions and ergs is also highly desirable, but not mandatory.
• Availability for a pre-Trinity training camp.
• Be able to provide accurate and effective feedback for rowers and coxes.
• Work with the captains to implement an effective training and fitness schedule, both in and out of term time.

We offer a competitive salary, and are keen to try out prospective applicants in -1 and 0th week. Applicants should send an email to with a rowing CV.