Head Women's coach for Jesus

PostHead Women's coach for Jesus
AuthorElysia Hannaford
Posted At15:04, 29th May 2017
73 weeks ago
Jesus College Boat Club is looking for a new women’s head coach for the rowing season 2017/2018.

Initially the coach will be responsible for training and selecting novices crews for Christchurch Regatta along with the assistant women’s coach. The Isis Winter League and Nepthys Regatta will be the main focus of the senior women's crews in Michaelmas after our success last year, and the training and crew selection will need to be organised for these, and external regattas. The coach will be responsible for managing 2-3 eights throughout Hilary and Trinity and selecting crews for Torpids and Summer Eights, also with the assistant coach. The senior squad is keen to repeat this year's success in external regattas throughout the season, for which the coach will need to be available.

The coach will be available for the two training camps that the club organises at the beginning of Hilary and Trinity. These were very effective in 2016/17, with our novice intake particularly benefiting from the more intense training.

The club benefits from having weights and 8 ergs available to the crews in the boathouse for their training. The W1 crew is now in division 1 for Torpids after a successful blades campaign and will be looking to keep their success and move closer to div 1 in eights. The W2 crew has had eights success where they have moved into fixed divisions as well as being a strong crew in Torpids despite being mainly novice.

All crews are driven to achieve even more next year, and there will be a focus on long term improvement as the large intake from this year has produced more seniors for the next season. Given a successful season it is likely that a longer-term contract could be offered to the right coach. Salary is highly competitive and will be a yearly sum paid monthly. Previous coaching experience is preferred. Selection will be made by interview and trial outing. Please send any questions or applications to elysia.hannaford@jesus.ox.ac.uk