LMH coaching vacancies

PostLMH coaching vacancies
AuthorOliver Watson
Posted At18:20, 5th Jun 2017
72 weeks ago
LMH are looking for coaches for our M1, W1, Men's novices and Women's novices. We are open to applications for multiple crews. Competitive pay on a per session basis.

For all positions we are looking for a motivated and well organised candidate who will help develop the crew as a whole as well as the individual rowers and coxes. Applications should be sent to oliver.watson@new.ox.ac.uk, with a summary of prior rowing experience - specifically relating to bumps/college rowing, as well as any other commitments that might impact on scheduling (own rowing, other coaching etc.)

M1 have bumped into Div 1 at 8s for the first time and are looking to consolidate this position and move up the river in Torpids (currently 9th in Div 2). They will be training at Godstow and looking for a 4-6 coached outings per week along with a land training plan. Launch driving experience highly desirable.

W1 have plenty of keen returners and large numbers of lower boats rowers looking to step up. 4 outings per week on the Isis, and an appropriate land training plan.

Novices coaches will cover all novice rowers in MT, before taking on the 2nd boat in HT and TT. Dependent on novice intake this will be 3-4 outings per week plus flexibly arranged training in the OUBC tank and technically focussed land training arranged on a per week basis.