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AuthorRobert Strachan
Posted At09:46, 7th Jun 2017
72 weeks ago
Ideally a coach for the whole menís squad, but there is flexibility for the right candidate.

- To start at the beginning of -1st week, Michaelmas 2017 for pre-Michaelmas training camp (Oxford, tbc)
- Train and select the menís boats
- Michaelmas:
- Train M1 for Fairbairns, select crews for IWL, train novices for Christchurch Regatta
- Hilary:
- Attend pre-Hilary training camp in January on the Tideway or elsewhere (tbc)
- Train and select crews for Torpids
- One external regatta after Torpids
- Trinity:
- Attend pre-Trinity training camp (Location tbc)
- Train and select crews for Eights
- Metropolitan regatta, HRR qualification post-Eights

- Strong group of returners, with high commitment and ambition off the back of a very successful 2016-2017 season - M1: Blades in Eights and Torpids, IWL overall winners, Nephthys Regatta winners. Third in the Metropolitan Cup, Metropolitan Regatta 2017 (6:06). HRR qualification upcoming at the time of writing. Great strength in depth throughout squad; strong M2 and M3.
- Wish to continue success of last few years, M1 pushing through Division 1 in Torpids and into Division 1 in Eights (Eights, 2nd in Division 2; Torpids, 11th in Division 1)
- Well equipped with full set of ergometers, sliders and weights.

- All applications welcome
- Highly competitive salary: yearly sum paid monthly
- Extended contract likely
- Although overseeing the whole menís squad is preferred, there is flexibility for the right candidate

Any applications or questions to