Univ Men's/ Women's 1st VIII Head Coach

PostUniv Men's/ Women's 1st VIII Head Coach
AuthorLara Drew
Posted At12:34, 2nd Jul 2017
72 weeks ago
University College Boat Club are looking to appoint a coach for either the Mens or Women’s 1st VIIIs for the 2017-18 academic year.

About us – Univ Men’s 1st VIII is currently positioned 5th in Division II for Torpids and 7th in Division I for Summer Eights. Following a defensive 2017 campaign, a large number of committed returners and ambitious lower boat athletes makes for a promising 2017-18 campaign. We are therefore looking for someone who can coach to make big gains in Torpids and move up in Summer Eights.

Univ Women’s 1st VIII is currently positioned 8th in Division I for Torpids and 4th in Division I for Summer Eights. We are a large enthusiastic and committed group comprised of promising novices and extremely experienced rowers, with both ex and current Blues. The goal for this year is to make a significant upward move in Torpids and improve our position in Summer Eights. We aim to train up to 5 water sessions with 2 land sessions a week.

Our fleet and boathouse on the Isis are extremely well-equipped and we have access to both ergs and weights. We will be training primarily at Godstow with a launch. While we will focus on Torpids and Summer Eights, we are also looking to compete in a number of internal and external regattas (including Head of the River) as well as a week’s training camp away from Oxford in the Easter Vac.

We are able to offer very competitive pay for the right candidate.

Job Requirements – All candidates are expected to meet the following requirements:

• Have prior coaching experience.
• Be available during the Oxford terms 0th week to 8th week.
• Be available to bank ride during Torpids and Summer Eights.
• Discuss and provide a training plan at the start of each term, covering both land and water training.
• Be able to provide accurate relevant feedback to both rowers and coxes during outings.
• Be available for pre-term training camps prior to the start of Hilary and Trinity (the Trinity training camp will not be in Oxford).
• Be available to coach approximately 5 outings including 2 during weekdays at Godstow. (Some weekend outings may possibly be at Wallingford).
• Must have a licence to drive a launch.

For exceptional candidates we may be willing to waive these requirements.

The ideal candidate would also satisfy the following requirements:
• Have experience coaching Oxford college crews.
• Be available to attend all regattas we compete in, both internal and external
• Be available to attend land training sessions during the week.

Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter to Angus Menzies (ucbc.menscaptain@univ.ox.ac.uk) and Lara Drew (lara.drew@univ.ox.ac.uk).