SABC Women's Head Coach

PostSABC Women's Head Coach
AuthorOlivia Jones
Posted At22:00, 12th Nov 2017
49 weeks ago
St Antonys College Boat Club are looking for coaches for the 2017/18
academic year for their women's division boats.

After a successful Summer VIIIs, SABC Women’s 1st VIII has moved up to
position II in Div III, and with an experienced and dedicated group of
rowers continuing on, they hope to push their position forward next year.

We are looking for a coach to train with our senior boat for around five
coaching sessions per week and ideally additional land training sessions.

We are also looking for a coach to train our second boat for around three
outings per week and additionally one land training session.

For the right candidate we would consider expanding this role to Head
Women’s Division Coach, lower division women’s boats
in addition to the 1st VIII, and would offer a competitive rate for such a

Please send CVs and cover letters to and do get
in touch if you would like to discuss the role further.