Lower Boats Coach Vacancy - St John's College

PostLower Boats Coach Vacancy - St John's College
AuthorKaren Heathcote
Posted At16:36, 3rd Dec 2017
46 weeks ago
St Johnís College Boat Club (Oxford) is looking to appoint a new Lower Boats Coach as soon as possible for Torpids and Summer VIIIs. The coach would be responsible for training the menís and womenís second boats, and would be required to coordinate with the Head Coach to ensure consistent coaching throughout the squad.

SJCBC is one of the largest college boat clubs in Oxford with over 60 active members and excellent training facilities and equipment. The menís and womenís second boats next term are expected to be comprised of a mix of rowers from our novice crews this term and experienced rowers from previous 1st, 2nd and 3rd crews. We have had a good year of recruitment with some strong novice rowers that are keen to continue their development within the boat club.

The coach would be expected to set training schedules and attend 3 outings and up to 2 land training sessions for each crew per week between the 14th Jan and 4th March (for Torpids) and between the 21st April and 27th May (for Summer VIIIs). The coach would also be expected to attend Torpids and Summer VIIIs bumps racing at the end of each term. This role would be paid a weekly wage, which we are willing to negotiate.

Please send a CV and a cover letter to the Boat Club captains lewis.oshaughnessy@sjc.ox.ac.uk and karen.heathcote@sjc.ox.ac.uk. Although we would prefer a single coach for both our menís and womenís crews, we also welcome applications from people who could only commit to coach one side of the boat club.