Brasenose Boat CLub Hiring Coaches

PostBrasenose Boat CLub Hiring Coaches
AuthorPeter Edmondson
Posted At10:53, 8th Jun 2018
32 weeks ago
Brasenose College Boat Club is looking to expand our coaching team for the next academic year. We are looking to fill two roles: a Novice Coach role and an Assistant Coach role. The Novice Coach will take responsibility for the novice squads in October and will hopefully naturally transition with these novices into helping on the senior programme. The Assistant Coach will work closely with the Head Coach and Novice Coach to devise the programme and will coach sessions for both seniors and novices, men and women.

The novice crews train out of Brasenoseís boathouse on the Isis whilst the senior crews train at Godstow. This year we fielded three menís and two womenís novice boats in Christchurch Regatta and two senior menís boats and two senior womenís boats in both Torpids and Summer VIIIs. We have also been, and look to continue, entering into a variety of external regattas such as Wallingford Head and HoRR as well as attending training camps outside of term time. Both menís and womenís senior crews continue to look strong, retaining an exciting cohort of returners into next year.

*Novice Coach*

We are looking for a well-motivated individual who will take responsibility for the novice squads in October. The Head Coach and Assistant Coach will be there to offer support, help and a training programme. There will be many opportunities to work with the senior squads and to gain more coaching experience.
Our more immediate aim is a good performance at Christchurch Regatta, where last year we had two crews in the top eight (one menís, one womenís) with a more long term goal of fostering a passion for rowing in the novice crews, encouraging a strong contingent to move forward to Torpids and Summer VIIIs.

*Assistant Coach*

We are looking for a talented and flexible individual who can coach all crews in the club, working closely with our Head Coach. They would help provide technical coaching on the water, video analysis feedback, and play a key role in deciding crews.

Please contact us if you would like to apply or if you have any questions. We would be willing to pay very competitive rates for top candidates.

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