Women's Head Coach Vacancy 2018-19 Hertford College

PostWomen's Head Coach Vacancy 2018-19 Hertford College
AuthorEleanor Van Vogt
Posted At14:39, 23rd Jun 2018
21 weeks ago
Hertford Women are looking for a experienced, reliable and enthusiastic coach for the 2018-19 Season, starting in Michaelmas 2018.

We're a new crew composed of mainly second years and looking to progress up the river again, as we are currently 6th and 12th on the river in Torpids and summer eights respectively. The role would involve 7 coached sessions per week, 4 water sessions and 3 land sessions. Water sessions would be approximately 1 hour on week mornings and longer on the weekends. Land sessions are slightly more flexible and can be week evenings. Time commitment will vary with races and training camps. Successful candidates will be motivated and enthusiastic and will work with the captain to create training plans for the term and vacations, and be available for training camps preceding every term.

Pay is competitive.

If interested, please contact eleanor.vanvogt@hertford.ox.ac.uk