Renting an VIII for Summer Eights

PostRenting an VIII for Summer Eights
AuthorNick Fulton
Posted At20:31, 29th Apr 2013
293 weeks ago

Teddy Hall are looking for an extra hull for Summer Eights since we are likely to have 5 eights to boat with 3 hulls to go around.

We are flexible regarding the quality of the hull and are potentially willing to rent a 1st VIII standard hull or a spare lower boat.

A 3-6 year old empacher would be absolutely perfect and exactly what we are looking for but as I said we are very flexible so please send me and email on (cc, if you have or know of a boat going spare.

We may also be looking to potentially buy an Eight at the end of the year so this term would be the perfect trial period.

Nick Fulton
Teddy Hall Men's coach
Brasenose Women's coach