Wanted: 1 strokeside Macon

PostWanted: 1 strokeside Macon
AuthorArthur Bullard
Posted At20:57, 30th Apr 2014
241 weeks ago

As per subject, we are looking for a strokeside Macon blade with concept2 sleeve, i.e. modern-ish and not a wooden display blade.

Please email safetyequipmentofficer@oxfordacademicals.org.uk if you have something suitable.

PostRE: Wanted: 1 strokeside Macon
AuthorCamilla O'Driscoll
Posted At21:38, 1st May 2014
241 weeks ago
Hi Art,

I think PCBC has just what you're looking for - one strokeside macon blade with a modern plastic loom (concept 2 I believe) and wooden grip.
Please email me at camilla.odriscoll@pmb.ox.ac.uk for further info or photos.


Millie O'Driscoll