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Postisisflag Twitter feed
AuthorHarry Willis
Posted At12:19, 19th Nov 2010
413 weeks ago
If you're not a member of the Blackberry generation, and checking the flag status in the mornings involves staring at an offensively bright computer screen, never fear.

The Twitter feed at is a live relay of flag changes as advertised via the isisflag mailing list. By linking this to your mobile, you will receive free, instant SMS updates whenever the flag status changes, allowing you to plan ahead more easily and/or expedite the frantic process of kidnapping an X/S cox. [Vodafone/O2/Orange/3 networks only.]

Instructions on linking the Twitter feed to your phone:
1) Sign up for Twitter, if you haven't already.
2) Link your mobile phone to your Twitter account. Navigate to the settings page, select the Mobile tab. Select UK, enter your phone number minus the first zero, select your network and click Start. Follow the instructions on sending an activation text.
3) Visit and click "Follow".
4) By the side of the Follow button, two small icons will appear. The one on the left is the SMS notifications icon. Click it, and it will turn green.

Once this is set up, you'll automatically receive instant text messages whenever the Isis or Godstow flag is changed.

Here's hoping for a weather-free ChCh...

PostRE: isisflag Twitter feed
AuthorHarry Willis
Posted At03:29, 26th Oct 2012
312 weeks ago
With the current river conditions, this service could prove, more than ever, to be the difference between life and death.*

Follow the instructions above to set up live text updates to your mobile phone whenever the flag changes on the Isis and Godstow stretches. It needs not be said how much an advantage you will gain from being the first novice crew out under green flags this winter. (Or, for that matter, how grateful you will be for avoiding illegal outings when RQ is banksitting that morning.)

By the way, whoever's incorporating the raindance into their Gangnam Style routine, please cease and desist.


*or not.