Torpids rules

PostTorpids rules
AuthorIan Maconnachie
Posted At18:00, 26th Nov 2012
320 weeks ago
Hi all

Thought I'd give you something to keep you busy. While considering the possibility of a semi-overbump, I realised that there was a problem with the Torpids rules (or at least, I imagine it is a problem).

Currently, the rule for the finishing order is:
The finishing order of a division shall be:
In Torpids, the order in which the remaining boats cross the finishing line except that all boats achieving a bump shall be placed above the boat bumped.

The way I see it, this would imply that a crew that is AHEAD of a boat but HASN'T ROWED PAST as it crosses the finish line would place higher than the crew it had almost overtaken.

I suppose that this might be seen if a crew runs away across the river, and the boat behind attempts a row past rather than a bump, but doesn't quite make it.

I would assume that this isn't the intention of the rules, and that it is a simple slip-up with the wording. It doesn't seem fair that they can rise a place without bumping, and without the boat ahead being penalised.