Summer Eights videos?

PostSummer Eights videos?
AuthorPhil McCullough
Posted At20:25, 18th Jul 2014
235 weeks ago
I'd like to enquire where the rest of the videos for Eights 2014 are? Barring a couple of divisions, I know that we definitely took video from the usual spot, but also had some video from the following launch. One of the things that really matters to me about our events is that we put the videos up promptly, and I know that it matters to many of the participants as well. I'm also very acutely aware that I have put my name against comments saying that we would bring said video as soon as we could.

It's now been almost two months since the event, and they don't seem to have been uploaded. Could one of the senior members of the committee provide any form of update as to when they think it is likely to be uploaded?