Not your final bump: Twickenham RC

PostNot your final bump: Twickenham RC
AuthorNick Fulton
Posted At16:55, 2nd Jun 2016
133 weeks ago
Moving to London next year and want to continue rowing but don't want to train like it's the Olympics just yet? Get in touch and trial with us next season.

Flat water stretch to ourselves just off the tideway. Senior men and women's squad equality. GB start centre for London. Fun atmosphere. So much cheaper than that gym membership that you weren't going to go to anyway - or if you did, where you were going to pretend that bicep curls in lycra remembering past glories counts as exercise. Quickest club to get to from Waterloo. Training camp in Europe. Upper boats race at the Henleys.

I coached in Oxford for two years with Balliol, Jesus, Teddy Hall and Brasenose (up 37, down 2) - we train a similar schedule so we train hard and smart but not 10+ times a week.

If you want more then pop me an email on njtfulton @ for more details and you can come down to meet the team.