Dorney trip (23rd/24th) Space on Jim Ronaldson's trailer

PostDorney trip (23rd/24th) Space on Jim Ronaldson's trailer
AuthorTom Loveluck
Posted At16:13, 18th Feb 2013
296 weeks ago
Somerville are currently planning a trip to Dorney lake this coming weekend with Jim Ronaldson (07710916925) trailering. At present, it's just us on the trailer and there are 2 spare spots. If you'd like on, give Jim a call.

It is possible that as the week goes on, it will become apparent that the flag is going to be blue for the weekend. Were this to happen, i think you'll agree, a Dorney trip would a waste of money. Fortunately Jim appreciates this and is happy for us to pull out nearer the time if this is the case.